Paul mediates and arbitrates anywhere convenient for parties and counsel, including online.

Most in person mediations and arbitrations are held away from Paul's Austin base.

Other locations in the U.S. OR CANADA

For mediations and arbitrations in locations outside the United States or Canada, Paul relies on counsel to select and agreed to a specific site for the proceeding.

Paul is fully trained and experienced in conducting mediation and arbitration proceedings online.  Paul's fee structure makes this the most economical for all parties. Give Paul a call to discuss whether this option is best for your dispute.  

Paul is based in Austin, Texas.  However, given the nature of his national practice, most of Paul's mediations--if not done by Zoom--are conducted outside of Texas or are based on disputes arising outside of Texas. All Texas major metropolitan areas (Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio) are good mediation venues not only for disputes arising there, but also for mediations where geographically scattered participants can take advantage of the easy access of non-stop air service provided to and from those cities.  For one-day mediations in those major Texas cities, Paul's fees include all of his travel time and expenses.

international LOCATIONS

Paul regularly mediates and arbitrates in any city the United States agreed upon by counsel.  He has conducted in-person mediations  in 14 states (with multiple mediations in TXNY, CA, IL, MN and GA) and arbitrated matters in 4 states (with multiple in NY and TX).  Where a location is not agreed to by the  parties, mediation and arbitration facilities are easily booked by Paul, if needed, in most major cities.  For one-day mediations anywhere in the Continental US, Toronto, or Vancouver, Paul's fees also include all of his travel time and expenses. A surcharge is added for Hawaii, Alaska, or other city in Canada.