Paul's arbitration practice focuses on commercial disputes, with emphasis on insurance coverage and risk transfer.  Such specialization assures parties of a neutral who understands the issues well, will guide the proceedings intelligently, and will make a reasoned and useful decision based on evidence and law.

         He understands insurance.  Paul has tried cases seeking and opposing coverage and dealt with a wide-range of issues and policies.  He is in "Best Lawyers in America®" in Insurance Law, is a "Super Lawyer®” honoree in Insurance Coverage and ADR and has been a leader in the national coverage bar, including service as vice-chair of the ABA's Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee.

         He understands business disputes.  As trial partner in a major firm, Paul tried cases ranging from securities and tax to corporate control.  In fact, in 2003, when already a recognized coverage lawyer, the Austin Business Journal still named him a "Best in the Bar" in Business Litigation.  He "gets" the business issues which underlie most arbitrations.


Paul's temperament and skill results in efficient, thoughtful, and even-handed proceedings. Proceedings are at once collegial as they are decisive.  And his co-arbitrators appreciate his inclusive manner. From an active federal civil clerkship in a major city, through handling cases around the country as a trial lawyer, Paul has observed the finest of judges.  He knows and enjoys trials, evidence, and procedure. 

         Particularly for arbitration proceedings, though, Paul respects the parties need for efficiency and focus.  His commitment to efficiency is long-standing.  Paul was honored with an appointment by his home district's Chief Judge to the Civil Justice Reform Act Advisory Committee.  The 1990 federal act required each district's select committee to study and make recommendations locally and nationally for procedural and administrative changes to reduce cost and delay in federal civil trials. 

Paul has experience as a neutral arbitrator in coverage cases involving the laws of several states.  He has served on panels for disputes from coast to coast and his experience runs the gamut from being a chair an evidentiary arbitration proceeding, to being a neutral of a 3-member panel ruling only on briefs, to being a single arbitrator where the parties and counsel knew they'd get careful consideration.  Counsel references to his arbitration style are available upon request, consistent with arbitration rules.