"Thanks for your efforts. . . [Y]ou can chalk up another one in the 'win-win' column." -- Carrier counsel (March 2014)

"Thanks for all the follow through !!!!" -- Carrier counsel (Jan. 2014).  "Thanks, Paul. We really appreciate all of your effort to help the parties finalize this settlement." -- Policyholder counsel in same case (Jan. 2014)


"One of the best coverage lawyers in the country. We are lucky to have him." -- Policyholder counsel (Dec. 2013)

"I've seen Paul deal effectively with a wide variety of personalities. . .Paul inspires trust.. ." -- Carrier counsel (Dec. 2013)

"Thank you for your time, patience and diligent effort to help us settle this claim." -- Broker representative (Nov. 2013)

"Thank you for your help in getting the case resolved." -- Carrier counsel (Nov. 2013)

"Thank you for your hard work. We might need to come back to you as things shake out." -- Policyholder counsel (Nov. 2013)

"I had my doubts many times, but you managed to carry it off at the end.  Am happy to say the client was very pleased with your work." -- Policyholder counsel (Oct. 2013)

"Nice work on that mediation." -- Presiding judge of settled case (Oct. 2013)

"Thank you very much for your hard work today.  It was indeed a pleasure working with you.  I look forward to the next time." -- Carrier counsel (Oct. 2013)

"Thanks again for all of your good efforts in assisting the parties to get this resolved." -- Policyholder counsel (Oct. 2013)

"Thanks for continuing to work on this." -- Carrier representive (Sept. 2013)

"I think this mediation settlement makes us three for three with you.  Also appreciated your feed back provided during the mediation process." -- Carrier counsel (Aug. 2013)

"Thanks very much Paul ---both parties really appreciate your efforts! -- Party representative (Aug. 2013)

"You are a good man!  Thanks for all of your efforts." -- Policyholder counsel (Aug. 2013

"Thank you, Paul, for your hard work and creativity in making this settlement happen." -- Carrier counsel (June 2013)

"You did a good job.  Appreciate all your hard work." -- Carrier counsel (May 2013)

"You did a great job on this one!!!" -- Policyholder counsel (April 2013)

Some recent comments about Paul's mediation work: